Funding and Support

Species at Risk Funding Programs:

  • Interdepartmental Recovery Fund

    This fund is intended for federal departments, agencies and crown corporations, to support species at risk recovery and survey activities.

  • Habitat Stewardship Program

    This program is intended for citizens who wish to become involved in habitat protection and recovery activities.

  • Aboriginal Fund for Species at Risk (AFSAR)

    The AFSAR Program enables the Government of Canada to help build capacity in Aboriginal communities/organizations for their participation in the implementation of the Species at Risk Act (SARA), and to support Aboriginal involvement in activities that protect or conserve habitats for species at risk (SAR).

Other Related Programs:

  • Ecological Gifts

    This program is intended for private landowners and corporations wishing to donate land without incurring a tax related penalty.

  • EcoAction

    This program provides financial support to community groups for projects leading to positive and measurable results for the environment.

  • Environmental Damages Fund

    The Environmental Damages Fund helps ensure polluters take responsibility for their actions.